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From Daan Hoogland <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] LTS Release Cycle
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2016 11:56:00 GMT

I don't see any reasons beyond lack of discipline, ignorance, and laziness
in your description. Not of an RM or other individual btw but of the
community as a whole. In point 1 and 2 you are describing how cherry-pick
and forward merge are actually the same amount of work. In the case of
forward merge however we will have a merge commit describing what that work
was and still a link in later branches to the commit.

Point 3 is actually where we should be proactive. If they don't care we
should tell them to create a branch against the offending commit and work
from there.

On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 11:32 AM, Rohit Yadav <>

> Based on my long-time experience with maintaining and doing release work
> on 4.3 and later 4.5, there are many reasons where backporting is needed
> and forward merge won’t work;
> 1. Due to high codebase changes mostly due to major refactorings, it is
> not possible to simply cherry-pick a commit; backporting many times
> involved writing the fix manually based on the commit diff that I wanted to
> backport. Cherry-picking becomes impossible if anyone has changed package
> names, file/directory paths, removed code etc.
> 2. Forward merging will also start failing (due to same reason as above)
> as time progress the codebase diverges due to refactoring, new code and any
> design/architectural changes. The other issue with forward merging is that
> it would require merging from the oldest branch to the newest, with time
> there would be several branches (given the monthly pace) between the LTS
> branch and the future master branch. So, in my experience backporting may
> become necessary.
> 3. The bugfix author may not send their fix/PR against old branches, as
> time progresses developers won’t care much about the older LTS branch(es).
> Wrt 4.3/4.5 at times I had to backport changes myself after failing to get
> the original author send the fix against 4.3/4.5 branch. This is expected
> of developers, as they contribute in our own *free* time and they may not
> have the time, bandwidth or interest in seeing those fixes in older
> branches.
> For example, we’ve 4.7 and 4.8 (upcoming) where forwarding merging will
> work for sometime, but in 14-20 months the developers may not send
> bugfix/PRs against 4.7 and expect future RMs to merge them forward as that
> would require both merge-conflict fixing and testing for all intermediate
> branches 4.8 to 4.20 (assuming, monthly releases we’ll at least reach 4.20
> in 14-20 months and I’m not sure if RMs will have time and dedication to
> test all 12+ releases/branches ). For non-LTS branches, it may not make
> sense to even have those bugfixes.
> In my experience (with pseudo LTS branches, 4.3/4.5) and opinion, LTS
> branches are going to diverge wrt master with time but they are going to
> have a dead-end.
> About cherry-picking, the way we’re going git commits/merge at least I’m
> not able to follow the git history at all, it looks like a mess to me. We
> talk about ability to trace commits through branches, but I cannot even
> follow changes in the same branch now (say master). I personally use git
> diff and git log -p to trace changes using differences now (in files or
> paths/folders). Cherry-picking is not bad, if done right (always include
> the git commit ID from where it was picked using -x -s) you can trace it.
> Regards.
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