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From Remi Bergsma <>
Subject Re: Minor releases!
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2016 16:39:03 GMT
This page has pretty pictures:

On 07/01/16 17:37, "sebgoa" <> wrote:

>On Jan 7, 2016, at 5:27 PM, Remi Bergsma <> wrote:
>> On 07/01/16 17:22, "Rene Moser" <> wrote:
>>> No, it is not the pace. You can do as many major as often as you want
>>> but if one uses this major, how long will it get minors? We have no clue.
>>> I understand your point completely while my argument is that I have to
>>> plan releases year by year.
>>> Under this condition I'd take the LTS of the releases, the most stable
>>> one even its 2 years old, (I have to maintain it for a year), not the
>>> latest one, for sure not a .0 release.
>>> With that mindset, there is no version for me right now.
>> I see your point. To me this is not a sustainable model, but if you want to keep
doing this the only option I see is finding a RM for your specific release.
>> And as a matter of fact, 4.7.0 == 4.6.2 so that .0 might be the best .0 release we
ever had. Don’t underestimate the change that was made. Releases now build on top of each
other, while that was never the case. 
>> Anyway, I cannot and don’t want to convince you. We want something different and
that is fine. What I do want to know is what others want. Because if the majority wants what
you are asking for, we should do that. 
>Remi, I think Rene might have a point, that while things are clear for you, the fact that
4.7.0 == 4.6.2 may be lost on other folks that are used to the old ways.
>Maybe we need a picture or something...
>> Regards,
>> Remi
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