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From Remi Bergsma <>
Subject Pull Requests we should include in 4.7.1 / 4.8.0
Date Sun, 10 Jan 2016 12:23:38 GMT
Hi all,

Below is a list of the PRs I'd like to suggest for our upcoming 4.7.1/4.8.0 releases. Please
help review and test these. Lots of them already had some form of tesing/review so with little
effort we might be able to get them in on time. The new features listed probably take a lot
more time to test.


Easy to test/review UI fixes:

#1327 CLOUDSTACK-9220 Sort list of domains on Domain tab in UI

#1325 CLOUDSTACK-9221 Allow admin to see user VMs on port forwarding page in UI

#1301 CLOUDSTACK-9186: Root admin cannot see public ip in VPC created by Domain admin user
in UI

#1300 CLOUDSTACK-9192: UpdateVpnCustomerGateway is failing in UI

VPN support for Sonicwall devices:

#1317 [4.7] ADD Force UDP encapsulation option to Site2Site VPN

VPC/router bug fixes:

#1318 CLOUDSTACK-9216: Fix DHCP lease removal logic on VR

#1299 CLOUDSTACK-6485 prevent ip asignment of private gw iface

#1298 CLOUDSTACK-9204 Do not error when staticroute is already gone

#1276 [4.7] FIX Site2SiteVPN on redundant VPC

#1277 [4.7] Critical VPCVR issues fixed: CLOUDSTACK-9154; CLOUDSTACK-9187; and CLOUDSTACK-9188

#1291 CLOUDSTACK-9202 Bump ssh timeout for VR commands

#1296 CLOUDSTACK-9181 Prevent syntax error in

I've tested all Pull Requests above and we are running them in production at SBP. I believe
we should complete their reviews and make sure they are included in our next releases. Will
save problems for users, for sure.

Then I looked at the (long) list of other Pull Requests that seem interesting to include.
Feel free to add your own, make sure it gets reviewed. Just ping me so I can merge.


#1297 CLOUDSTACK-9203 Implement security group move on updateVM API call

#872 Strongswan vpn feature <== needs serious testing

Bug fixes:

#1321 CLOUDSTACK-8847: ListServiceOfferings is returning incompatible tagged offerings when
called with VM id

#1309 CLOUDSTACK-9210: Pass secondary IPs to default_network_rules() function

#1278 CLOUDSTACK-9198: Virtual router gets deployed in disabled Pod

#1272 CLOUDSTACK-9195: Cancelled/failed async jobs not getting cleaned up

#1198 CLOUDSTACK-9114: restartnetwork with cleanup should restart the RVRs one by one

#866 CLOUDSTACK-8751 minimise downtime of network when network update is in progress.

PS: Let's finally fix all the build failuers due to FindBugs (since Dec 2?):

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