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From sebgoa <>
Subject Re: Minor releases!
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2016 16:04:34 GMT
see inline
On Jan 7, 2016, at 3:39 PM, Nux! <> wrote:

> Hi,
>> So, yes, monthly releases can be done and the quality is better than before.
>> Actually, I think we should go much faster. Whenever a PR is merged that fixes
>> your issue, it should be possible to deploy it right away. It’s a change in
>> mindset.
>> Let me know!
> Ok, so first of all I am letting you know that I appreciate your efforts very much and
can't thank you enough for your being RM. 
> Also a lot of thanks to other SBP staff, PCExtreme, Leaseweb & Shapeblue and others
for all their work; sometimes I just feel like a scavenger, "profiting" from their work. :)
> Keep up the good job!


CloudStack is in its best shape ever indeed due to the hard work from Remi, Wilder, Daan,
Rajani, Wido and a few others that I am missing.

It is also in its best shape ever because we moved from developing on master and GA'ing a
release branch over several months.

We know have a stable master that also has the latest features and fixes.

> Secondly, my own problem with the current velocity is that it does generate fatigue.
> Everything must be tested all the time, eyes must be on git and on the mailing list.


The way I see it we completed the first phase of a big change for us. We changed our release

This has led us to this amazing place:

Today we can release production ready CloudStack *at any time* in 72 hours (the time to close
a vote), it's terrific.

The other side of the coin is that we can release so often we need to change our mindset and
doing so be mindful of folks that are used to the old release pattern.

Clearly we cannot keep maintaining all release branches, we used to say that we would maintain
the last two major and the last minor.

Yet folks (like Rene) may like a pattern of just minor and very infrequent major. While folks
like Remi want continuous deployment.

So at the cost of sounding a bit "fatherly" we indeed need to discuss this a bit. I mentioned
it after 4.6, and communicate clearly to everyone how this works.

Keeping in mind that we don't want to abandon anyone and we want everybody to be able to upgrade

> And this is how it should be, really, but it can become a problem or at least disappointing
when people fail to engage as much as we'd want.
> We need to be aware the community is indeed small, the users might be many but few get
involved in development (people still don't get "open source") and not many of us have the
luxury of 
> working with Cloudstack every day and have it be the main subject.
> There are days when I don't even get to think about it, let alone do anything about it,
I work some very busy shifts dealing with random things.
> I think people in my situation - or worse - might feel uncomfortable with a fast pace,
they might feel left behind and sometimes it's just not easy to keep up. 
> I know how heavy it feels to run a mission critical cloud and have no idea whether you'll
be able to pull the next upgrade off.
> The idea of longer term support through many minor versions can sound very appealing
and make people feel cosy. RedHat is exploiting exactly this with their RHEL, for example.
> Having said that, I would not go back to the old ways. I think we're on a good track
here and we just need to test more, especially automate said testing more, in environments
as close to production as we can. This my 2016 resolution. :-)

+1000 here.

We are on a great track. Let's keep refining our process, complete the second phase which
is proper CI ,  agree on how to move forward and communicate on which releases are maintained
and for how long.

> My 2 pence
> Lucian

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