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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject Re: LTS release or not
Date Sun, 10 Jan 2016 19:23:17 GMT

On 01/09/2016 11:51 PM, Rene Moser wrote:
> Hi
> I recently started a discussion about the current release process. You
> may have noticed that CloudStack had a few releases in the last 2 months.
> My concerns were that many CloudStack users will be confused about these
> many releases (which one to take? Are fixes backported? How long will it
> receive fixes? Do I have to upgrade?).
> We leads me to the question: Does CloudStack need an LTS version? To me
> it would make sense in many ways:
> * Users in restrictive cloud environments can choose LTS for getting
> backwards compatible bug fixes only.
> * Users in agile cloud environments can choose latest stable and getting
> new features fast.
> * CloudStack developers must only maintain the latest stable (mainline)
> and the LTS version.
> * CloudStack developers and mainline users can accept, that mainline may
> break environments but will receive fast forward fixes.
> To me this would make a lot of sense. I am actually thinking about
> maintaining 4.5 as a LTS by myself.
> Any thoughts? +1/-1?

I personally am against LTS versions. If we keep the release cycle short
enough each .1 increment in version will only include a very small set
of features and bug fixes.

In the old days it took months for a release, if we bring that back to
weeks the amount of changes are minimal.

You can then decide to always stay behind 3 months on the releases or
suddenly make a jump if you want to.

In my perspective clouds are agile and they should be developed that way.

We should however simplify the upgrade even more:
- Separate database changes from code changes (proposed already)
- Put the VR in a separate project

> Regards
> René

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