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From Rene Moser <>
Subject Re: Minor releases!
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2016 14:24:56 GMT
Hi Remi

On 01/07/2016 02:28 PM, Remi Bergsma wrote:
> I simply don’t understand why you need lots and lots of minor versions. I do understand
you need a stable cloud, and that’s exactly what we’re achieving here.
> We changed our way of working from 4.6 on. Before that, it took _a long_ time to release
new versions (be it major, minor or patch). Releases were not high quality so people waited
for .1 or .2 to be released. When you did eventually upgrade, you’d hit major trouble. It
was simply not OK. And many minor releases don’t help here. The root cause of the trouble
is that the whole idea of branching off a new version and have a QA team make it stable (while
the rest continues on master) doesn’t make sense (any more). That’s why in the summer
of 2015 we decided to stabilise master instead and release from that. [1] One final time it
took a great effort to make a branch stable.
> We released 4.6 in Nov 2015
> We released 4.7 in Dec 2015
> We will release 4.8 in Jan 2016 (unless people think I should stop doing this)
> In between, we submitted patch releases to quickly address bugs (4.6.1, 4.6.2 etc).

What about 4.5? 4.4? Is 4.6 still getting 4.6.3? Users don't see that.

> You know what? It’s easy to do these upgrades. Much much easier than before. The change
is small, the procedure is quick. 

We are not yet on 4.6, so we have downtime by upgrading the routers, we
have approx 120 VR, which take about ~ 5-10 minutes of downtime each.

We are not agile in upgrading, we have freeze times and plan our
releases and test each release intensively (it saved our asses in the past).

Every bigger software project in the world has agreed that providing
minor releases is good practice:

- New features --> Major release
- Fixes --> Minor release

The problem with new features are potentially new bugs (by nature):

Now you are basically saying:

- New features and fixes --> Major release only

By definition, you will end up it a more unstable software because you
will only get fixes in cost of new features and potentially new bugs. I
don't call this stable.

I do not see any benefit of the current release rush.


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