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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: Accelerite's acquisition of CloudPlatform - the Accelerite viewpoint
Date Tue, 26 Jan 2016 09:04:14 GMT
+1 what Wido said. Welcome aboard! :-)


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> From: "Wido den Hollander" <>
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> Sent: Tuesday, 26 January, 2016 08:49:38
> Subject: Re: Accelerite's acquisition of CloudPlatform - the Accelerite viewpoint

> On 26-01-16 09:22, Samir Agarwal wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This is a wide distribution. I hesitate to spam, but I do want to introduce
>> Accelerite to the Apache CloudStack community - who we are, how we do things,
>> and what is our thinking on CloudStack. If you missed the announcement about
>> Accelerite acquiring CloudPlatform from Citrix, you can find it
>> here<>.
>> My name is Samir Agarwal, and I manage products at Accelerite. Our company
>> strives to be a preferred, premier provider of IT solutions to companies around
>> the globe. The company has three key business lines - Mobility and endpoint
>> management, IoT, and Cloud Solutions. This last business line is where our
>> acquisition of CloudPlatform fits, and complements our already existing
>> self-service and disaster recovery & business continuity solutions.
>> In addition to building products from scratch, Accelerite regularly acquires
>> assets from other companies - much like CloudPlatform from Citrix. Almost
>> always the first thing we do is bring a strong focus on support to make sure
>> our customers' needs are being met. In parallel we look to significantly
>> increase our investments in R&D. We want to make sure our existing and future
>> customers see our commitment to the product, and an exciting roadmap to go with
>> it. This is exactly what we are planning to do with CloudPlatform as well.
>> So, what does all of this mean for CloudStack? I can tell you that our
>> commitment to CloudStack is rock solid. You should fully expect to see us
>> contributing to the CloudStack code base, and owning even more items on the
>> roadmap. We will be in meetups and CloudStack events to further promote the
>> cause of CloudStack and CloudPlatform. To say we are thrilled about the
>> possibilities doesn't do justice to our level of excitement. My colleague,
>> Lianghwa Jou, and I met Ilya H, John K and Animesh C - all members of the
>> CloudStack PMC - the other day over lunch. We learned a great deal from them,
>> and left with a resolve to further engage with the community, and explore how
>> we can make meaningful contributions. We are firmly of the belief that the
>> success of CloudPlatform lies in the success of CloudStack. Put more plainly,
>> without CloudStack, there is no CloudPlatform!
>> We look forward to an exciting relationship with the CloudStack community.
> Great to hear! Looking forward to seeing what the future brings :)
> Wido
>> Samir
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