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From Raja Pullela <>
Subject RE: [BLOCKER] - Guest VMs are not getting IPs as the DHCP port is not opened in VR
Date Wed, 16 Sep 2015 04:45:55 GMT
I agree with jayapal, so far none of the BVTs for the hypervisors are at 100% except for the
Also, changes/refactoring some of the very core functionality such as VR should be thought
through and thoroughly tested before being pushed as the impact will be huge and stabilization
will take time.  At this point we are not sure what else is broken ??? 

Also, we should review/critic such changes to make sure we don't spend time on it later on...
Please note that Travis tests passing at 100% cannot be taken as the basis to think that the
changes are good.  

my 2cents!
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From: Jayapal Reddy Uradi [] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 16, 2015 9:46 AM
Subject: Re: [BLOCKER] - Guest VMs are not getting IPs as the DHCP port is not opened in VR

Hi Wilder,

CLOUDSTACK-8843<> This ticket is
actually NOT regression. It is not implemented/tested for the basic zone VR.
What I have observed in the VR refactor is that sanity testing of components the code affects
is not done.
Now we are spending time on fixing issues which were stable earlier.


On 15-Sep-2015, at 6:55 pm, Wilder Rodrigues <<>>

Hi Jayapal,

I would not suggest to move back to the sceptres, but focus on fixing and for every fix test
it very well so we get confidence. If we start calling scripts com the python code it will
have a huge chance to become a real mess!

Let’s stick to it and fix it and once it’s stable we can discuss a refactor of the thing
from scratch - we already have some ideas.

The most important point is: for everyone touching Java/Python code, please test your changes
before creating PRs or LGTM other’s committers PRs.


On 15 Sep 2015, at 14:52, Jayapal Reddy Uradi <<>>

Wilder, That is true.

All these issues are because of the VR refactoring. I don’t know what are the unit test
cases run on VR refactor code.
VR (shell) scripts  are stabilized over years and now suddenly moved to new implementation.
What we have figured out is that this new implementation is done only partially. What I am
suggesting now to move ahead is to call the existing/old shell  scripts in new implementation
for configuring the VR to avoid spending time on unnecessary bugs.
With current implementation we may see many issues in production for some time to come.


On 15-Sep-2015, at 5:57 pm, Wilder Rodrigues <<>>

I have the feeling that we are fixing 1 issue and created 2.

Please, make sure the routers tests are executed and green before creating the PR. I will
do the same.


On 15 Sep 2015, at 14:23, Jayapal Reddy Uradi <<>>

Assigned to myself.

On 15-Sep-2015, at 2:49 pm, Raja Pullela <<>>


JIRA - ticket
Can someone please pick up this ticket ?  This is failing a bunch of the BVTs tests in Basiczone.


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