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From Remi Bergsma <>
Subject Anyone wants to take over these orphaned PRs?
Date Sun, 09 Aug 2015 18:49:38 GMT
Hi all,

These are 9 PRs sent by Likitha. If I understand correctly Likitha is no longer working with
Citrix/ACS. The PRs seem mostly VMware related. Some have LGTM(s), most have comments about
missing unit tests.

What do we want to do with them? There's probably not gonna be an update from Likitha, so
waiting for that does not make sense. Does anyone wants to step in and finalize a PR? You
can get the PR to your own branch and add some work on top of the existing commits and finally
send it as a new PR.

I'll add a comment to each of them. If no one wants to take it over, I think we should close
the PRs without merging. It's a pity, but I would rather not have long lists of orphaned PRs
laying around. The less PRs are open, the better.

Any comments?


Cloudstack 8612 [VMware] #562

CLOUDSTACK-8611. CS waits indefinitely for CheckS2SVpnConnectionsComm... #561

CLOUDSTACK-8609. [VMware] VM is not accessible after a migration acro... #556

CLOUDSTACK-8608. [VMware] System VM's failed to start due to permissions issue. #555

CLOUDSTACK-8610. Unable to attach 7th Disk to Windows Server 2012 R2 ... #554
==> This one has 2xLGTM, but also some remarks to add unit tests.

CLOUDSTACK-8602. MigrateVirtualMachineWithVolume leaves old chain dat... #548
==> 1x LGTM

CLOUDSTACK-8601. VMFS storage added as local storage can be re-added ... #547
==> 1x LGTM

CLOUDSTACK-8599. CS reports failure for a successful migration. #544

CLOUDSTACK-8415. SSVM shutdown during snapshot operation leaves behin... #540

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