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From Somesh Naidu <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Closing PRs older than 1 month and without activity
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2015 15:49:23 GMT


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From: Remi Bergsma [] 
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2015 10:26 AM
Subject: [PROPOSAL] Closing PRs older than 1 month and without activity 

Hi all,

There are several PRs that are quite old. They haven't been updated by their author for over
a month and there was no response to comments made.

As a RM, I want to maintain an as-short-as-possible list of PRs that is actively worked on.
It is perfectly fine if a PR is open for a longer time, as long as it is actively maintained
(or has a comment that explains why there is a delay). Long lists of open PRs don't give the
impression we actively work on them and might keep people from contributing.

Let's close PRs where the author did not respond for over a month.

For now, I'll manually select the PRs that I propose to close. Next, I make a PR with an empty
commit that closes the PRs by triggering asfbot (as we cannot otherwise close PRs due to it
being read-only for committers). By using a PR, it should be visible which PRs will get closed
(after 2x LGTM and no -1). I’ll send an example PR with link to this thread after I've sent
this e-mail.

Work lost?
The work done in a PR is not lost by closing the PR! If someone wants to take over, this is
how you can merge the work in a new branch (keeping author and commit hashes the same) and
add more commits on top of it. You can then send it as a new PR.

  git fetch origin pull/${prId}/head:pr/${prId}
  git merge --no-ff --log -m "Merging PR ${prId} and continuing the work" pr/${prId}
  git commit --amend -s --allow-empty-message -m ''

Please let me know what you think: +1 or -1?

If -1, what should we do instead?


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