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From Anshul Gangwar <>
Subject Re: [GitHub] cloudstack pull request: Removed duplicate code in CitrixResourceB...
Date Wed, 19 Aug 2015 12:47:46 GMT
Let me summarise the tests
class A {
return “d”;  a constant


Assert( A.x() = p)

Which can be reduced to

class A {

Here q is replacement for x method as it is only returning a constant

now test is
assert (p=q)

To me this basically proves that java assignment works and nothing more than that.

Here A can be any class. But in this context it is subclass of something.

I can’t even figure out how super class coming into picture in tests which you are trying
to say.

Please explain in context of above example how it is testing more than java assignment.


On 19-Aug-2015, at 5:16 pm, Anshul Gangwar <<>>

Can you point to any reference/blog which justifies writing tests for this kind of scenario?

What I can infer from these tests is that that there are two scenarios
1) Method will not change
   In that case it doesn’t make sense to put test for never changing method.
2) Method will change
   In that case you have to change test to make it pass and then also it doesn’t make sense
as you have to change test to make it actually pass.


On 19-Aug-2015, at 4:18 pm, Rafael Weingärtner <<><>>

@anshul1886 I totally agree with you that tests are meant to test individual, and as you pointed
the individual code that we want to test is “getPatchFilePath”. However, that method is
abstract, and its “implementation” that is as simple as returning a constant, changes
in few subclasses of CitrixResourceBase. I am not testing the constant per se; I am testing
if each one of the implementation of that method is returning what I expect.

In one hand, I agree with you that the method could have documentation. I just have not done
that because I really do not know what that String that the method is returning is. On the
other hand, documentation will not save us from future bugs, as a consequence of some change
in those methods. Those tests can do that automatically.

If that method had a conditional statement and it was coded into CitrixResourceBase would
you think different? The point here is that object orientation removed those ifs.

On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 7:26 AM, Daan Hoogland <<><>>
a unit can be defined at more then just the method level and in this case
those paths have changed from under us in the past. I am not justifying
testing any constant this way. I am justifying just this work.

On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 9:03 AM, Anshul Gangwar <<><>>

What I mean to say is that unit test are meant to test individual unit
which here is getPatchFilePath and not meant to test hierarchy as you are
pointing out here. By individual unit I mean it doesn’t matter for test
that it is in class A or class B. This way you are kind of justifying that
we should write test for any constant which you have defined has the value
which you have given. Because constant under different classes can have
different values.

Can you point to any reference which justifies writing tests for this kind
of scenario?


On 19-Aug-2015, at 11:34 am, Daan Hoogland <<><>>

On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 5:56 AM, anshul1886 <<><>>

If the purpose is to make sure that path is not modified by other
developer then adding note/comment on top of that line makes more sense.
Even adding note is kind of implicit as paths are kind of constants which
any developer would think before changing. Tests are not meant for that

​Anshul, I hope I don't understand you when you say, 'tests are not meant
for that pupose'. When the hierarchy is changed and this leads to the
constants to be used in a different way in different classes, an error
occurs due to this that will be caught by these tests. This is exactly what
unit tests are for.​

class A has constant pth="/root".
class B:A has constant pth="/root/bla".
​class C:B has no constant hence pth="/root/bla".

now C is changed to C:A and its pth is there fore changed to "/root".​
This is uninteded and a mistake that will be caught by such tests.



Rafael Weingärtner

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