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From Todd Hebert <>
Subject Fairly serious system VM template issue.
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2015 12:54:57 GMT
Hello all,

One of my co-workers and I just installed a Cloudstack 4.5 system.   All seemed well until
we started trying to import templates from another system we manage.

The SSVM downloads the image, then check it using the "vhd-util" utility from XenServer.

The error generated is "/bin/vhd-util no such file" or something along those lines.   This
failure to check the VHD files causes the template imports to fail.

This is apparently is caused by vhd-util being a 32-bit binary, linked to 32-bit libs, and
there being no 32-bit libs present on the SSVM image.

Using advice from this article:

we were able to get the system importing templates alright, but this isn't a permanent fix
of the system VM template.. if we ever change our SSVM, we lose the modifications.  

I'm loathe to modify the SSVM template in the system myself, as I don't have the facilities
to test if this change would break other functions such as VR's etc..

If whomever deals with such things could create a new system VM template that contains the
libs, or uses a statically-linked vhd-util executable, and let the list know where to get
it & how to replace the existing system VM, that would be grand.

Thanks!   :)

Todd Hebert
Hosting engineer

A: College Business & Technology Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland 

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