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From John Burwell <>
Subject Re: IRC and Slack
Date Sat, 04 Jul 2015 14:27:30 GMT

I don’t think measuring current #cloudstaack-dev activity is relevant.  A number of developers
have been experimenting with Slack which would naturally decrease activity.  The question
for the community is which means should we all use going forward, and deprecate the other.

For me, wile Slack is a nice experience, it’s barrier of entry is much higher — discouraging
new participants.  While developer communication is important, community growth is vital.
 Freenode is the de facto standard for open source chat with lowest possible barrier of entry.
 From the website, we can link directly to it through Mibbit [1] which requires no user registration
or invitation to participate.  For these reasons, I believe we should go back to IRC and consolidate
the #cloudstack and #cloudstack-dev channels.



John Burwell (@john_burwell)
VP of Software Engineering, ShapeBlue
(571) 403-2411 | +44 20 3603 0542

> On Jul 3, 2015, at 4:08 PM, Erik Weber <> wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 7:30 PM, Rohit Yadav <>
> wrote:
>> +0
>> Email and MLs are going to stay, so for IMs and chatting we can use one or
>> more of such tools. I like Slack, the searchable history and whatnot, but I
>> think realtime communication in general may face the same problems as with
>> using IRC.
> No one has suggested to remove the mailing lists as far as I have seen.
> The way I see it, there are two groupings with different needs.
> - Developers, who presumably need/wants something that is real time,
> chatty, allows easy collaboration and probably feature rich in terms of
> integration etc.
> - Users, who might not know anything about the community, where to look,
> who to ask etc.  Their entry point is usually by searching the web.
> Which makes me believe that the best solution is to have multiple.
> - Let devs, power users or anyone that want, to use and idle on any chosen
> realtime solution.
>  - I don't honestly care if that is IRC, Slack, HipChat or something else,
> whatever the majority wants to use is fine by me.
>  - If it's possible to be present multiple places, like with an IRC-Slack
> integration or similar, that is great.
>  - We should look into making the history publicly available without
> having to be a registered user at the chosen platform.
> - Deploy discourse, askbot or something similar for users. The primary
> focus on this solution IMHO should be:
>  - easily searchable (via google/bing/whatever),
>  - preserve history,
>  - atleast be readable without having to sign up
> By combining #cloudstack and #cloudstack-dev it's not like we abandon the
> users part of IRC, but we can still use something on the web as the primary
> place.
> A perspective, and I'm sorry to bring in 'OtherStack', but it is what we're
> usually compared to;
> currently has 13.281 questions, where roughly
> 2.614 are unanswered. That means a bit over 10.000 answered questions, that
> is easily linkable, searchable, visible on google etc.
> They have 884 people in the generic #openstack IRC channel, but still point
> to the web site for answers in their topic.
> Thatl does not limit them from being present at both places.
> Their #openstack-dev channel has 483 people, and is generally dead, with a
> few exceptions from time to time.
> I believe it is time for change, Slack has had more activity the last few
> days I've been able to scroll back in history, than #cloudstack-dev
> probably has had the last half year.
> But that does not imply we have to abandon IRC, it just means that we have
> something else as the preferred platform and should mention that in the
> topic, by a privmsg on join or similar so that users get aware of it.
> --
> Erik
> - who just started on vacation and planned on staying away from computers
> :-)

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