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From sebgoa <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] LTS releases?
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2015 07:20:27 GMT

On Jul 2, 2015, at 4:58 PM, Remi Bergsma <> wrote:

> Bug fixing in older releases is actually a lot of work. For security related issues we
could maybe do it. 
> Personally, I prefer to have a fast release cycle and smooth (tested) upgrade paths over
2-year LTS release cycle. It's more agile. As a bonus, people get the new features. 
> The more people do upgrades that work (tm) the more confident they are. I'd really want
to show that upgrades work so well that we need no LTS. 
> But there might be other reasons people have where LTS would help. Please share!
> Regards, Remi 

I think we got in a situation with 4.4 that called for us to keep maintaining 4.3….and even
after 4.5 was released. Because 4.3 was seen as a good release.

Now that we have 4.4 and 4.5.2 etc, I don't think we will have the cycles to maintain that
many release branches.

The big issue is upgrade path, 

IMHO our LTS strategy is to have master as a release branch itself, adopt good practice to
merge to master, have great upgrades and no regressions.

Ultimately we should divert our efforts to master.

So I am +1 with Remi on this.

>> On 02 Jul 2015, at 16:25, Rene Moser <> wrote:
>> Maybe a little bit off topic to the new release process, therefor a new
>> thread...
>> speaking about releases. I just thought about supporting LTS releases.
>> This would mean "someone" or "we" make a commitment to add bug fixes
>> (only) for a specified time. e.g. 2 years for a release or until the
>> next LTS release?
>> Would this something anyone would be interested in?
>> Yours
>> René

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