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From Christian <>
Subject Third party VR / L2 support
Date Mon, 01 Jun 2015 12:25:56 GMT
Hi Sebastien,

Thank you for publishing the roadmap.

> Replace VR with h/w (srx, asa etc)

A question for all - What are the implications of expanding this feature
to support s/w appliances, such as the ASA/CSR 1000V ?

This is something that I have been implementing manually to date because:

> Improve VR, VR agent, API for VR   :)

It involves a little bit of 'creative networking' in order to suppress the
CS virtual router. Any improvements in this area would be very useful.
Even a QuickCloudNoServices-like offering for isolated networks would be
great. I¹m aware that this can be created manually, but I¹m not convinced
that this is a supported configuration.

Pushing this concept further, I¹d like to see support for Layer 2 isolated
networks. I use these for running virtual L2 devices under CS simply by
creating dummy IP address ranges and ignoring them. Again, I have to
suppress the VR, because it¹s not needed at L2.

I¹ve been doing a fair bit to push the limits of networking in CloudStack
over the last year using just VLANs and the standard API calls . I¹m happy
to answer any questions anyone may have.

Best regards,


Christian Lafferty

On 31/05/2015 05:08, "Sebastien Goasguen" <> wrote:

>Hi folks,
>Several folks on this list representing their company¹s interest shared
>with me their fixes/features plans and hopes.
>I believe we can use this to build a solid roadmap for our project,
>something that we have never had.
>I captured a lot of bullet items and tried to categorize them to start
>building a roadmap.
>You can see the document on our wiki at:
>I would like to call everyone to make this page a great living document
>that will be up to date and help us drive cloudstack forward.
>First order of business would be to add description to each item and if
>you are working on it or would like to help out, write your name down !

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