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From Paul Angus <>
Subject RE: Third party VR / L2 support
Date Tue, 09 Jun 2015 08:27:42 GMT
Hi Christian,

This is a feature put forward by myself.  As a non-developer I can come up with these things
and throw them over the wall to the developers and pretend I don't know how complicated it
is :)

In summary, it requires a few other pieces of the roadmap to be in place. The high level plan
is to move ever closer to a driver/plugin model for CloudStack.  For this feature we need
to fully separate the VR plugin code from the 'core' code and create strong contracts for
VR commands/responses.  Then 'anyone' can create and maintain drivers for any type of router/firewall/vpn
endpoint/loadbalancer. The CloudStack community would then continue to maintain the 'standard'

We're also developing OSPF capable and a routing-mode VPC offerings which we hope will be
in 4.6

I'd be interested to hear how you're using  the L2 devices to see where if we can fit it in
to our 'Enterprise use' enhancements.


Paul Angus
Cloud Architect
D: +44 20 3468 5163 |S: +44 20 3603 0540 | M: +44 7711 418 784 | T: @CloudyAngus

-----Original Message-----
From: Christian []
Sent: 01 June 2015 13:26
Subject: Third party VR / L2 support

Hi Sebastien,

Thank you for publishing the roadmap.

> Replace VR with h/w (srx, asa etc)

A question for all - What are the implications of expanding this feature to support s/w appliances,
such as the ASA/CSR 1000V ?

This is something that I have been implementing manually to date because:

> Improve VR, VR agent, API for VR   :)

It involves a little bit of 'creative networking' in order to suppress the CS virtual router.
Any improvements in this area would be very useful.
Even a QuickCloudNoServices-like offering for isolated networks would be great. I¹m aware
that this can be created manually, but I¹m not convinced that this is a supported configuration.

Pushing this concept further, I¹d like to see support for Layer 2 isolated networks. I use
these for running virtual L2 devices under CS simply by creating dummy IP address ranges and
ignoring them. Again, I have to suppress the VR, because it¹s not needed at L2.

I¹ve been doing a fair bit to push the limits of networking in CloudStack over the last year
using just VLANs and the standard API calls . I¹m happy to answer any questions anyone may

Best regards,


Christian Lafferty

On 31/05/2015 05:08, "Sebastien Goasguen" <> wrote:

>Hi folks,
>Several folks on this list representing their company¹s interest shared
>with me their fixes/features plans and hopes.
>I believe we can use this to build a solid roadmap for our project,
>something that we have never had.
>I captured a lot of bullet items and tried to categorize them to start
>building a roadmap.
>You can see the document on our wiki at:
>I would like to call everyone to make this page a great living document
>that will be up to date and help us drive cloudstack forward.
>First order of business would be to add description to each item and if
>you are working on it or would like to help out, write your name down !

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