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From Rene Moser <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] Out of Band VR migration, should we reboot VR or not?
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2015 14:58:14 GMT
Sorry for not answering in the thread, I was not on the dev ML so I
could not reply

I reported this current behavior to be an issue on the user ML and
wanted to ask Koushik Das about his experiences.

I would not agree, in an Vmware environment live migrations, e.g. Vmware
DRS breaks IPtables normally. In my opinion, this would make DRS
senseless. And if it happens, it would be uncommon.

We do live migrations daily with VMs having IPtables rules and I didn't
see such a behaviour on any of these VMs.

Could you share more information about your experiences Koushik Das? In
what conditions this happend?

In any case I would love to test DRS live migraions on VR without this
current behavior. In any way, with this current behaviour, we would have
a lot of downtimes.

The other "solution" would be reapplying the rules without reboot, I am
not fully aware of the new behaviour af aggration but wouldn't this also
cause a network outage?


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