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From Aleksandr Ivanov <>
Subject Re: Use
Date Wed, 06 May 2015 16:18:28 GMT
OVS sintaxys is pretty much the same ( as brctl ) but it was a pain to write
all the configs for mine situation - actualy its default case when you
creating advanced zone with GRE isolation in cloudstack ( but ovs and
cloudstack manuals are realy poor)

About fake bridges :
For  compatibility  with  software  designed  for  the  Linux   bridge,
       ovs-vsctl  also  supports  a  model  in which traffic associated with a
       given 802.1Q VLAN is segregated into a separate bridge.  A special form
       of  the  add-br command (see below) creates a ``fake bridge'' within an
       Open vSwitch bridge to simulate this  behavior.   When  such  a  ``fake
       bridge'' is active, ovs-vsctl will treat it much like a bridge separate
       from its ``parent bridge,''  but  the  actual  implementation  in  Open
       vSwitch  uses  only  a  single  bridge,  with  ports on the fake bridge
       assigned the implicit VLAN of the fake bridge of which  they  are  mem‐
       bers.   (A  fake bridge for VLAN 0 receives packets that have no 802.1Q
       tag or a tag with VLAN 0.)

I know that everything else is working as it should and I dont want to
create this Tunnel manually - no point. I think ill open a bug

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