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From Andrija Panic <>
Subject [arhitecture help] Management vs. Secondary network connectivity dependencies
Date Sun, 03 May 2015 11:49:16 GMT
Hi guys,

I was wondering if someone experienced would be kind to share their opinion
on folowing subject - since I'm 95% clear with design/ho stuff works, but
again missing some info - after I have done my RTFM many times, and I had
also check in details ShapeBlue's diagrams on Networking Deep Dive etc.

Subject: Management vs Secondary Storage connectivity dependencies

Current setup:

- We start with 1 POD, 1 Cluster
- All KVM hosts are directly attached to mgmt, primary storage, and
secondary storage networks/vlans (via 3 dedicated NICs/vlans - each one on
a separate/non-overlapping /16 network), so no rouing required for any KVM
host to reach any resource on all of these 3 networks...
- Zone-wide Primary Storage (CEPH) - again, directly attached to all KVM
hosts - this means all future PODs will be also directly attached to
CEPH/Primary Storage Net - no routing...
- NFS Zone-Wide Secondary Storage (of course)

For Primary Storage traffic/network I dont have any questions - I
understand how stuff works (thx for latest docs and ShapeBlue blogs) -
except possible zone-wide vs cluster-wide discussion...

Questions that I have - Secondary Storage network...:

   1. Since all KVM hosts are directly attached  (via dedicated interface)
   to both MGMT and SEC storage network - is there any routing that needs to
   be done on the L3 switch ? My understanding not, but some confirmation
   would be nice please.
   2. What about when we have multiple PODs/Clusters - does it make any
   difference versus 1 single POD/Cluster? I understand there needs to be
   routing connectivity over L3 switch between different Management networks
   of each POD, but what about storage? I expect I would need to attach/trunk
   Secondary Storage Net to all KVM hosts in all PODs... ?
   3. What other networks (except MGMT) does Management server needs to be
   connected to ? I understand there needs to be eather routed or dirrect
   (dedicated NIC) connection to Secondary Storage network - at least during
   ACS deployment, during sys template preseed on  NFS ?
   4. Is Secondary Storage network required for anything else on MGMT
   servers, after the ACS template preseed/provisioning ? I understand not,
   but again would benefit some confirmation please.
   5. Finally - in terms of pure ACS aspect - is there a difference between
   KVM hosts being connected directly to Secondary Stor Net (via dedicated
   NIC/trunked) or using routing - in other words, can we say that something
   like folowing is true:    If the KVM host doesnt have direct attached
   network to it self (primary, secondary) = it will used Management Net
   gateway to try to reach its destination (Pimary/Secondary storage for
   example) meaning it will use routing for this.
   6. What is really Secondary Storage Network Gateway used for in ACS ?

I apologize for having long questions - I just try to understand
connectivity dependencies between Sec and Mgmt networks and will be really
thankfull for clarifying these...


Andrija Panić

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