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From Rene Moser <>
Subject Re: Preparing for 4.6
Date Mon, 18 May 2015 08:26:07 GMT

On 15.05.2015 11:27, Sebastien Goasguen wrote:
> Folks,
> As we prepare to try a new process for 4.6 release it would be nice to start paying attention
to master.
> - Good commit messages

The question is, what makes a commit message good? Maybe this helps:

> - Reference to a JIRA bug

Must there be a JIRA bug? I did some commits without jira bugs in the
past. But I noticed that those are not "tracked" in the changelog of the
new release. So should there be a policy (is there?) that there must be
a jira bug for fixes?

> - Squashing commits ( cc/ wilder :))

This really depends. I would not generally prefer squashing commits.

The example of is more an
example of "bad" commit messages.

If you look at the commits, they make sense but the commit message
indicates that they cover similar work in different aspects, which they
actually don't.

But if you look at this example here
where you can see dozens of similar commits, those should be squashed.


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