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From ilya <>
Subject Re: Unmanaged hosts on vmware
Date Wed, 06 May 2015 03:52:16 GMT
A bit late on response here...

When you unmanage, hosts should become disconnected as cloudstack no 
longer "manages" them.

To best of my knowledge, all the communication goes over SDK to vCenter. 
There is no direct communication between ESXi hosts and CloudStack 
(except for console proxy, but even that i still somewhat limit and used 
only for VNC).

CloudStack queries vCenter for the status of ESXi host.


On 4/19/15 8:33 AM, Jeronimo Garcia wrote:
> Hi List i got a specific question about Unamanaged hosts ping or
> CheckOnHostAnswer etc.
> I think when using vsphere , hosts will be of the type "unamanged" because
> cloudstack connects to the sdk on vsphere and not directly to the hosts.
> Having said that , Sometimes i see Hosts that have status of "Disconnected"
> on cloudstack but not on vmware.
> Having said that i can see hosts going from Disconnected or Null to
> Connected:
> And s_logger() Debugs "unmanaged direct hosts, processing connect for
> them..." that on the log files.
> I've drilled down on the synchrnized() functions but i think the vmware
> plugin @overrides all the checks and returns either Null or
> Status.Disconnected.
> Can someone explain why would be a vmware host disconnected from CS and
> completely fine on Vmware? and What kind of Hosts Pings are performed?
> Thanks!!!

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