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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: SystemVM (kvm) : 3 different versions for the same CloudStack version (4.5.1)
Date Mon, 25 May 2015 10:56:54 GMT
Hi Milamber,

In theory you should be able to use any of the systemvmtemplates and also from,
but the one I published on is the latest and has the few additional
improvements, latest packages and security updates.

I’ve tested this and it seems to have worked for me on Ubuntu 14.04 based host, can you
share what is your KVM host like, distro, libvirt/qemu version and kernel version? Was the
host Intel-VT or AMD-V enabled, or was it virtualized (KVM on KVM/Xen/VMWare)? What is the
time and timezone on your host and if kvmclock was disable/enabled on the kvm host?

Lastly, can you also share if the SSVM gets stuck indefinitely or you did not wait that long
and decided to reboot it?

Regarding the upgrade path, it does not matter really. Since you register 4.5 template before
upgrading the upgrade path would simply check if a systemvm template exists for currently
used unique hypervisors (it does that by checking for current hosts with distinct hypervisors
from cluster table). The checksums and URLs are in there for adding rows in the db in case
you decide to add a new hypervisor host and it needs to donwload a suitable template for that
new hypervisor. There are on-going discussion on improving the upgrade process so this issue
may be addressed in that.

> On 25-May-2015, at 9:13 am, Milamber <> wrote:
> Hello,
> There have 3 different versions of the SystemVM image for CloudStack 4.5.1 (for KVM,
but I assumed that concerns other hypervisors)
> 1/ version on Upgrade 4.5.1 from 4.4 page [1]
> 2/ version on Installation Management Server Page [2]
> 3/ version in class [3] (Used for the
upgrade process from 4.4.2-3 to 4.5.1)
> The checksums are different:
> 1 - 5b6d9f276bc1faf50d2fe839c3c7dc5a systemvm64template-4.5-kvm.qcow2.bz2
> 2 - c3f5d60fbc4a6af7e85c94bb776f2778 systemvm64template-4.5-kvm.qcow2.bz2
> 3 - aa9f501fecd3de1daeb9e2f357f6f002 systemvm64template-4.5-kvm.qcow2.bz2
> The date/size (of the Qcow2 inside) too:
> 1 - -rw-r--r-- 1 milamber milamber 312669696 May    5 01:40 systemvm64template-4.5-kvm.qcow2
> 2 - -rw-r--r-- 1 milamber milamber 303972352 Mar   7 12:21 systemvm64template-4.5-kvm.qcow2
> 3 - -rw-r--r-- 1 milamber milamber 305387008 Sep  4  2014 systemvm64template-4.5-kvm.qcow2
> I'm not sure if that's relevant, but yesterday, my upgrade from 4.4.3 to 4.5.1 is failed
when I would re-create a virtual router (using the version). I have tried to recreate
SSVM and CPVM without success too)
> (Installation type: Adv Network without SG)
> I made a re-installation of my test platform with a fresh 4.5.1 version with shapeblue
version (more recent), failed too on the start of SSVM (blocked on "Cleaning up temporary
files..."), after 1 manual VM reset, the SSVM started, but the first VR have the same problem
and the reset don't work like the SSVM.
> (Installation type: Adv Network with SG)
> I made another re-installation of the test platform with a fresh 4.5.1 with
version. OK for SSVM but need to do 1 reset for the first VR (and the second VR too).
> (Installation type: Adv Network without SG)
> That is relevant?
> What is the good version?
> That is a bug for the freeze on "Cleaning up temporary files"?
> Why the Systemvm checksum is hard-coded in the class? If I had make my upgrade with the
shapeblue or version I think an error will be occur on Upgrade process?
> Milamber
> ====
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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