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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: IPv6 ideas for Basic Networking
Date Sat, 30 May 2015 23:38:23 GMT
Good work guys, sorry could not attend.

Can I stress people about also making this work in ADV zone + SG?


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> From: "Wido den Hollander" <>
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> Sent: Thursday, 21 May, 2015 19:59:34
> Subject: IPv6 ideas for Basic Networking

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> Hi,
> After the EU User Group meetup in London today I sat down with Rohit,
> John Burwell and some other people and I wanted to ventilate the ideas
> we/I came up with for IPv6 in BASIC networking.
> (IPv6) routers should send out RAs (Router Advertisements) with the
> managed-other-flag [0][1], telling Instances to ONLY use that routers
> as their default gateways and NOT to use SLAAC to autoconfigure their
> IP-Address.
> The management server should be told that a specific subnet can be
> used within a pod, eg a /64.
> When a new IPv6 Address is requested the management server generates a
> random new address in that subnet and checks if no duplicate exists.
> If not, it stores the /128 (single IP) in the MySQL database and
> configures the DHCPv6 server on the Virtual Router (VR).
> When the Instance boots it knowns that due to the "managed other flag"
> in the RA that it should query DHCPv6 for acquiring a IPv6 address.
> The VR responds to the DHCPv6 request with a IPv6 address, DNS
> servers, domain and maybe a NTP server.
> We ONLY store addresses we handed out, not with IPv4 where we store
> every address. A address NOT stored in the database means it's not
> handed out.
> The (ip6tables) Security Groups should allow ICMPv6 by default. IPv6
> traffic breaks really hard without ICMPv6 traffic, for example PMTU
> doesn't work properly and breaks IPv6 connections.
> In CloudStack we might configure a /48, but tell it to hand out
> addresses for each instance from a /64 out of that /48. That means we
> can have 65k Instances in that pod. Some firewall policies block a
> complete /64 when they see malicious traffic coming from that subnet,
> so if the subnet is big enough we should try to keep all the IPv6
> addresses from one Instance in the same /64 subnet. This could also
> simplify the iptable rules.
> To use this seems like a simple, but robust solution. The real
> hardware routers do all the traffic forwarding and the VR only does
> DHCPv6.
> Security grouping has to be extended to also support IPv6, but should
> allow ICMPv6 by default.
> At the end of June 2015 we want to keep a one-day meetup in Amsterdam
> with various developers to discuss some more details.
> Wido
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> [1]:
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