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From Christian <>
Subject Re: add network to VM by assign ip address
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2015 09:11:19 GMT
Hi all,

It looks like this could be implemented by adding an IP address field to
the NICs tab. I’ve tried this in the labs and it seems to work, but I
admit to having limited knowledge regarding what this might be breaking in
the background :-)

I’m assuming that there is a reason why the CloudStack UI allows us to
choose an IP address at instantiation, but not when adding a NIC to an
existing VM. Can anyone shed any light on this? As Star Guo says, it is
permitted via the API.

Best regards,


Christian Lafferty (BT)

Does anyone focus on this ?

Best Regards,
Star Guo

发件人: Star Guo []
发送时间: 2015年3月27日 17:22
主题: add network to VM by assign ip address

Hi all,

I run cloudstack branch master in simulator. I add network to VM but cannot
assign IP for vNIC.

I just see URL:
l Machine.html

AddNicToVirtualMachine supports assign ipaddress. Cloud any one who focus
on UI add ipaddress request parameters.

I hope UI support it instead of using CloudMonkey CLI tool but I have
little knowledge of css, js. Thanks.

Best Regards,
Star Guo

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