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From Srikanteswararao Talluri <>
Subject Re: Inconsistencies in tests
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2015 06:58:49 GMT


You were talking about integrating static code analysis in
jenkins.b.a.c.o. How is it going?


On 14/04/15 3:50 pm, "Sebastien Goasguen" <> wrote:

>> On Apr 14, 2015, at 9:06 AM, Gaurav Aradhye
>><> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I feel that the test code in BVT and Regression tests (smoke and
>>component folders) should be more consistent. There are feature
>>developers adding tests into smoke and different test developers adding
>>more tests into component folder, it is evident that inconsistencies are
>>bound to arise. But with time, we should be striving to minimize them.
>> I have listed few of the inconsistencies below. Feel free to add to the
>>list if you think of more.
>> 1. List Methods:
>> If we want to list accounts, some tests use Account.list method, while
>>some use list_accounts method. Both methods finally do the same thing,
>>but there are many list methods in file corresponding base
>>class methods in This is code duplication.
>> I feel that BaseClass.method() is more readable than list_xyz(), or
>>should be preferred.
>> 2. Checking empty/None lists:
>> We already have validateList utility method which checks both empty
>>lists and None objects. No need to use ³isinstance² method, or add
>>additional None checks.
>> 3. Pep8 issues:
>> Many files are not pep8 consistent. In the past I have tried to fix
>>pep8 issues in files and the mission is ON. Efforts need to be put into
>>this. We already have autopep8 tool which does most of the things.
>that¹s really a low hanging fruit and best practice. we should not be
>merging anything that breaks pep8
>we should also add pylint tests
>checking for pep8 and python of all python code can be done at the high
>level using something like tox, kind of like the RAT tests
>> I will be creating separate issues in JIRA for listed things. Everyone
>>is welcome to add pull requests for these tasks.
>> I personally will be putting more efforts into these in upcoming few
>>months. 2-3 months and we should see most of the tests consistent with
>>each other.
>> Regards,
>> Gaurav

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