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From Sebastien Goasguen <>
Subject Re: /tools, devcloud and extras
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2015 07:18:31 GMT

> On Apr 8, 2015, at 7:32 AM, Ian Duffy <> wrote:
> tl;dr I want to move devcloud4 into some community location, where
> should I put it?

our repo :)

> Hi all,
> As previously discussed on the list awhile back I'm wanting to move
> the devcloud4[1] stuff into more of a primary view and out of a public
> repository that is just hosted on my personal github account. I have
> questions around this....
> 1) For those who have tried devcloud4 did it work, were you happy with
> the experience? Do you feel the dependencies on vagrant, chef,
> virtualbox, berkshelf, etc. introduce a whole new learning curve that
> is  too complex?

I tried it with 4.3, but I have not used it for the latest versions.
For me it was great. mileage may vary I suppose.

> 2) Assuming 1) gets positive responses, what would the most
> appropriate way to bring in devcloud4? I was thinking of using /tools,
> however when I began to explore /tools I found myself in a place of
> mystery and wonder….

so it’s your work, and you have an ASF ICLA.
So you can bring it in /tools on your own no IP clearance etc..

/tools needs to be cleaned up a lot

> Originally I was thinking it may be acceptable to just replace
> /tools/devcloud, however I've come to the conclusion this is a bad
> idea given the great marvin configurations that are there and the pom
> for deploying the devcloud db.
> Then I began exploring.....
> /tools/devcloud - The original devcloud as documented on rohits
> blog.... (I think???)
> /tools/appliance/definitions/devcloud - Not a clue what this is?
> Appears to be some veewee definitions that build up a single box of
> mysql, nfs, management server and xen? Is this used by anyone?
> /tools/vagrant/devcloud - This was cool, it was recently added it is
> like the devcloud4 basic setup except it doesn't use chef for mysql
> and nfs configuration. Instead it uses a bash script, loved the
> simplicity of this.
> /tools/devcloud-kvm - This appears just to be marvin configuration
> files and a sql file.... I think it might be neat if we were to update
> this with something like Rohit's peppercorn (assuming my understanding
> of them is correct they are attempting to achieve the same goal). I
> know there's another duplicate effort of a KVM development environment
> by Marcus:

Case in point. There are so many versions we are loosing track of what’s what.
Time to clean up and git rm.

There are other places in our code that needs to be git rm.

let’s do it.

> Slightly off topic but.... I think it would be a good idea if we began
> to maintain some sort of a "resources" list (more recommended
> resources over official resources) for Cloudstack. There's lots of
> really cool things out there (chef cookbook, ansible cookbook,
> cloudmonkey, marvin, prebuilt templates by, cloudstack perl
> client and probably many more....) that folks really wouldn't discover
> unless they went searching.

yes, imho we need to maintain that list of resources on the website for all to see.

> [1]
> [2]

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