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From Remi Bergsma <>
Subject KVM plugs public nic twice in non-VPC router
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2015 21:19:37 GMT

We’re testing KVM and noticed that a virtual router (non-VPC) gets two pubic ip nics plugged.
This is in 4.4.2 when using Open vSwitch on CentOS 7 (advanced zone).

The reason for this, is that the first nic gets plugged by provisioning the nic. Then, a second
nic is plugged that gets the same ip address but a slightly different nic. This is done by
IpAssocCommand. When diving into this, this seems to happen because the StartCommand contains
a IpAssocCommand part with again the public ip. This is probably because this is how we plug
the public nic on VPCs. I think we should remove it for non-VPC routers.

Here you see the second public nic getting plugged:
2015-04-14 21:19:20,099 DEBUG [cloud.agent.Agent] (agentRequest-Handler-5:null) Processing
2015-04-14 21:19:20,103 DEBUG [kvm.resource.OvsVifDriver] (agentRequest-Handler-5:null) plugging

Notice the ip-address part of the object is empty.  This leads to this command being ran on
the router:

Apr 14 19:19:20 r-31443-VM cloud: VR config: executing: /opt/cloud/bin/ -A -s -f
-l -c eth3 -g -n

>From a functional perspective this does work, but is not what it should be if you ask

It looks like this issue:

But the story about many many nics I cannot reproduce. I do nowever found that associating
extra public ip addresses does not work. The management server reports everything fine, but
I see nothing happening on the router nor the agent on the hypervisor:
2015-04-14 23:09:13,437 DEBUG [] (API-Job-Executor-82:ctx-f4953f35
job-534671 ctx-2a536669) Associating ip Ip[] to network Ntwk[a4960690-4a29-445e-b745-881c13bca270|Guest|14]
2015-04-14 23:09:13,449 DEBUG [] (API-Job-Executor-82:ctx-f4953f35
job-534671 ctx-2a536669) Successfully associated ip
address to network Ntwk[a4960690-4a29-445e-b745-881c13bca270|Guest|14]

Does anyone else with KVM running see this behaviour? Or am I missing something?


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