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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: RFC: Removing 1M lines of junk
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2015 21:06:54 GMT

> On 30-Apr-2015, at 7:43 pm, Daan Hoogland <> wrote:
> We will have to provide a migration path if anybody is actually using it.

The migration path would be documenting the change as part of the release notes to simply
switch from using the consumer URL server_ip:7080/awsapi to setting up ec2stack and consuming
from URL server_ip:5000 (or any other configured port). Normally service offerings are rather
limited compared to other resources, when setting up ec2stack users can provide the mapping
to it or migrate it to ec2stack using something custom like cloudmonkey+bash.

The important issue to note here is that a lot of real-world awsapi integration with a user's
own subsystems may not follow any convention or be rather customised other than consumption
of service URL and associated apikey/secretkey, so migration path from our end would mostly
consist of documenting the changes. This upgrade path may also be implemented as a script
or a ec2stack tool that can read cloudbridge database to get useful configs and service offering
mappings. And, there may be some changes that may not be migrated or supported due to the
different AWS API versions both the services support and one’s own custom usage/implementation.


> Biligual auto correct use.  Read at your own risico
> On 30 Apr 2015 19:36, "David Nalley" <> wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 1:23 PM, Rohit Yadav <>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I was testing awsapi with 4.5 today and it just did not work for me,
>> after few hours I gave up and used ec2stack which worked out of the box and
>> certainly felt more friendly to work with. I remembered we discussed
>> removing awsapi but then the momentum never precipitated into action, so I
>> spent some time today to cleanly remove awsapi and making sure it has a
>> cleanup upgrade path and does not break the builds or the packaging. (Also
>> found and fixed a debian build issue that someone recently reported,
>> noredist builds being broken)
>>> Here is the PR:
>>> Here is a repo from the branch to prove that package works too:
>>> As Sebastien has asked me to hold on this for few days, I hope to merge
>> this next week or later; but before that happends please feel free to share
>> any comments, questions. Thanks.
>> I haven't looked at all at the changes or the resulting builds, but in
>> principle, I agree.
>> I don't think that anyone is actively maintaining the AWSAPI code .(We
>> did have a bug fix 6 months ago to address a security issue, but it
>> looks as if it has set idle for ~2 years otherwise).
>> Deprecate AWSAPI - make the python based stuff optional. It will
>> reduce the codebase size tremendously.
>> --David

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