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From Wilder Rodrigues <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] State of 4.5 and testing in local environments
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2015 12:49:52 GMT
Hi Rohit,

I will join you in testing 4.5 form next week - just have to finish some stuff.

My environments will be:

* Xen 6.2/6.5
* KVM (qemu 1.5.3 and 2.1)

Let’s rock!


On 28 Apr 2015, at 18:33, Rohit Yadav <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> ### 4.5 Release Effort
> I’ve been exhaustively testing ACS 4.5 wrt Xen 6.2, Xen 6.5, KVM (qemu 2.0, 2.3) and
I feel we’re pretty good but we need testing efforts and I want to help drive efforts to
releasing ACS 4.5.1 -- if you’ve any issues that you would like to get fixed that are either
regressions or blockers can you please share on this thread? If we don’t find any blockers
or regressions let us invest in ACS 4.5 testing and release it soon. For other minor issues
we can always fix them and release 4.5.2 etc if and when needed in future.
> Regarding my 4.5 testing - I’ve tested basic vm life cycle operations (deploy, start,
stop, destroy/expunge, migrate to another host, migrate to another storage pool, deploy using
iso) for all cases and found no issues;
> KVM with basic zone (with/without security groups, SG blockers were found and fixed)
> KVM with Adv zone (with/without security groups, both isolated network and VPC worked,
networking issues were found and fixed)
> XenServer 6.2 with basic and adv zones (with/without security groups, no SG issues found)
> XenServer 6.5 with basic and adv zones (with/without security groups, SG blockers found
and fixed)
> I found one issue that could be a blocker (if it’s not a hardware/env issue) -- when
using security groups in advance zone with a dedicated vlan id (say vlan://500), I was unable
to access the VMs (CPVM, SSVM, VR or user vms) though all normal vm_life cycles seems to work.
Though this worked for me when I used the vlan://untagged. I tried to add vlan id 500 to my
local nics using vconfig but I still was n’t able to do access the CPVM or user VMs. I guess
my understanding of vlans with security groups is limited, so if anyone knows about this feature
or has used it - please help with some regression testing. I plan to continue testing this
week with VMWare and fix any issues we find.
> ### Testing against Xen, KVM, VMWare etc.
> With a recent improvement to allow cpu features (such as vmx) on KVM hosts (,
it’s now possible to run KVM, ESX, XenServer, OVM3 (LXC, and hopefully others) on KVM (in
case of ESX a patched qemu would be needed: Such
a (ansible based) tool aims to be reproduce such an environment for anyone and serve as a
developer kit (not to be confused with the DevCloud appliance, will share more details of
the developer kit later) and as an infrastructure to run integration testing suite we have
now. This would allow us to build/test/run CloudStack against various nested-virtualized hosts
running as guests on KVM, using CloudStack.
> Meanwhile, Abhi is focusing on existing (integration) tests and has increased the number
of TravisCI tests:
> Our goal with these efforts is to (1) have a developer kit that a developer can have
locally to build/test/develop CloudStack, (2) scale it up for bigger baremetal servers to
run long running integration tests and have a better QA automation.
> Regards,
> Rohit Yadav
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