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From sebgoa <>
Subject [WWW] Moving site to middleman
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2015 17:44:47 GMT
Hi folks,

For easter I did a little project. I wanted to see how we could migrate off of the ASF CMS
for our website.

I looked around a bit and checked out middleman (
It turns out that taking our current website source and moving it to middleman was fairly

I committed the source in svn for now:

svn co

I did commit the build to the gh-pages branch of our root repo.
The result is that a dev build is available on github pages:

Note that hosting it on github is causing problems, SSL certs and a few more that David knows/understands.

My hope with this is that we can move our website to git and accept pull requests, that would
make it easy.

So check out middleman, and if you feel like playing with svn hack at it.


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