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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: BUG: anybody addressing this one ?
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2015 21:38:35 GMT
Well, I think many people will want to be able to leave disks detached
without deleting them, I'm not sure what the use case was that caused
Andrija to want to delete those disks. It sounds like he wanted to
delete attached disks and keep the vm.

>From experience, it would be relatively trivial to have a
'deleteVolume deferred=true' parameter that simply marks the volume as
destroyed, then the storage cleanup thread will expunge it. The list
volumes api call would also need to be changed to show destroyed
volumes optionally, and there'd need to be a new API call that allows
you to mark the volume read again to 'undo'.  This isn't much work but
unfortunately I'm not in a position to do that at the moment.

The big issue is really that drilling down into members of entities in
the UI seems to be broken, whether it's "view volumes" attached to a
vm or "view instances" on a host.

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 12:52 PM, ilya <> wrote:
> It looks like we have 2 issues here.
> 1) you are seeing volumes you should not see
> 2) volume purging is not implemented
> There are several solution to #2
> 1) I've written a shell script that deletes all volumes that are in detached
> state for over X number of days. I'll see if i can share the script. This
> could be temporary solution run as cronjob periodically.
> 2) Marcus has written an API extension call that will delete the VM with
> volumes, slightly different API call needs to be invoked, something like
> destroyVmWithVolumes, the volumes will be expunged at the same time as VM.
> Its not part of the cloudstack UI, but could be integrated - hoping someone
> with UI experience can do that. The code will be committed upstream
> hopefully soon, there is some internal delay for releasing that, but we will
> work this through.
> On 3/18/15 4:58 AM, Andrija Panic wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Currently I have hit a bug, when I click on some instance, then on View
>> Volumes, and then I get listed volumes that belong to some other VM - it
>> already happened to me that I deleted the volumes - beacuse of ACS bug in
>> GUI !
>> So, I suggest to consider maybe to implement purging volumes the same way
>> it is implemented with VM-s - so the VM is not really deleted - and the
>> purge thread in ACS will acually delete it when it runs...

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