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From Nux! <>
Subject [4.5] Cannot delete range as IP is being used for providing dhcp service in this subnet
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2015 19:31:29 GMT

I'm having this problem, I've added a secondary subnet/range in my Adv+SG zone and now I want
to delete it.
All the VMs using it have been deleted (and I've been waiting for a while for the explunge/cleanup
jobs to run), yet I am getting this error:

"Cannot delete vlan range 2 as is being used for providing dhcp service in
this subnet. Delete all VMs in this subnet and try again"

All the VMs are deleted, only the virtual router is using IPs from that range.

root@r-4-VM:~# ip a|grep 192.168
    inet brd scope global eth0:55
    inet brd scope global secondary eth0:56

How can I make the VR let go of those IPs?


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