Hi Daan,

Yes we generally submit our patches upstream when we are sure that the change will not break other environments that we cannot / have time to test. We run basic zone and KVM with local storage, so it’s not the most common Cloudstack setup.

Our latest patches for 4.4 will be submitted within a few days.



On 15 Feb 2015, at 12:46, Daan Hoogland <daan.hoogland@gmail.com> wrote:

Thanks Antoine, Loic,

would be good to share fixes. We had some problems with 4.4 ourselves
so probably there is some doubles here. If you could, please do a
merge and a pull request against apache/4.4...?


On Sat, Feb 14, 2015 at 8:32 PM, Antoine Coetsier
<antoine.coetsier@exoscale.ch> wrote:
Hello Daan,

Our work is public and published here:

I do not think this is worthwhile, but this is out of my league. I am
Ccing Loic here, he will answer better than I can.


Le 13.02.15 12:57, « Daan Hoogland » <daan.hoogland@gmail.com> a écrit :

Did you feed your patches back to the 4.4 branch and should we release
another 4.4 in your opinion?

On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 9:02 AM, Antoine Coetsier
<antoine.coetsier@exoscale.ch> wrote:
Hello Daan and users,

We at Exoscale are now using in Production a 4.4 CloudStack base + our
patches after an extensive preproduction run with this version.
Next migration is unlikely to be 4.5. Please, let¹s adopt all proper
rebasing from one version to another in order not to have bugs fixed in
smaller versions being shipped in higher ones.


Le 11.02.15 18:53, « Daan Hoogland » <daan.hoogland@gmail.com> a écrit :


Today we had a talk at work (Schuberg Philis) about our CloudStack
strategy. We decided that we will keep at 4.4 until we have a good
test environment of our own and then skip to 4.6 or up, depending on
where we merge our redundant vpc work in. We don't have any time to
put energy in 4.5 and need some features that won't make it there. The
afore mentioned redundant vpcs, but also ipv6 for vpcs and ovm

What I am wondering now is:
Who else is on 4.4 in production systems?
What versions do you run?
How did you test it before going to production?
What are your migration plans?