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From Antoine Coetsier <>
Subject Re: query about 4.4 usage
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2015 20:32:32 GMT
Hello Daan,

Our work is public and published here:

I do not think this is worthwhile, but this is out of my league. I am
Ccing Loic here, he will answer better than I can.


Le 13.02.15 12:57, « Daan Hoogland » <> a écrit :

>Did you feed your patches back to the 4.4 branch and should we release
>another 4.4 in your opinion?
>On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 9:02 AM, Antoine Coetsier
><> wrote:
>> Hello Daan and users,
>> We at Exoscale are now using in Production a 4.4 CloudStack base + our
>> patches after an extensive preproduction run with this version.
>> Next migration is unlikely to be 4.5. Please, let¹s adopt all proper
>> rebasing from one version to another in order not to have bugs fixed in
>> smaller versions being shipped in higher ones.
>> Antoine
>> Le 11.02.15 18:53, « Daan Hoogland » <> a écrit :
>>>Today we had a talk at work (Schuberg Philis) about our CloudStack
>>>strategy. We decided that we will keep at 4.4 until we have a good
>>>test environment of our own and then skip to 4.6 or up, depending on
>>>where we merge our redundant vpc work in. We don't have any time to
>>>put energy in 4.5 and need some features that won't make it there. The
>>>afore mentioned redundant vpcs, but also ipv6 for vpcs and ovm
>>>What I am wondering now is:
>>>Who else is on 4.4 in production systems?
>>>What versions do you run?
>>>How did you test it before going to production?
>>>What are your migration plans?

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