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From Punith S <>
Subject Re: Query on snapshot and cloning for managed storage
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2015 06:20:19 GMT
thanks for the info mike.i'll go through your commits of 4.6.

the updated plugin i pushed for 4.5 used to only take backend storage
snapshot in cloudbyte. but when i'm trying to create a volume out of that
snapshot it is going to motion service where it is trying to copy the vmfs
or vmdk file but since there is no destination( storage volume cloned out
of snapshot) it is failed to create a volume.

mike can you please brief me about when we have to make use of canCopy()
and copyAsync() interfaces of datastore interfaces.


On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 11:40 AM, Mike Tutkowski <> wrote:

> I would recommend you take a look at a bunch of my most recent 4.6
> commits.
> On Sunday, February 15, 2015, Mike Tutkowski <>
> wrote:
>> I am working on creating the necessary infrastructure to support managed
>> snapshots on XenServer and ESXi in 4.6 (for block storage, that is).
>> For example, with XenServer, you cannot simply take a backend snapshot of
>> the LUN that contains the SR and VDI.
>> Technically you can, however, you would find that your snapshot cannot be
>> attached to any of the XenServer hosts in the cluster if the original LUN
>> you took a snapshot of is still attached in that cluster (due to
>> duplicate immutable UUIDs on the SRs and VDIs).
>> This is an issue I have been discussing with someone who works on
>> XenServer.
>> ESXi is a bit better here since it allows you to re-signature a datastore
>> (so taking a backend snapshot should work nicely in 4.6 once I finish the
>> code).
>> If you are talking about NFS, it's probably okay if you just take a
>> backend snapshot of the VMDK file in question.
>> On Sunday, February 15, 2015, Punith S <> wrote:
>>> Hi Stackers,
>>> I have been testing out the cloudstack 4.5 RC on vmware setup with
>>> Cloudbyte as a storage backend for supporting managed storage, while taking
>>> a snapshot of a data disk i'm only taking the snapshot from the storage
>>> side only, but on cloning the snapshot of the volume is it enough to just
>>> clone the particular volume on the storage side ? so that the vmdk also be
>>> reproduced again!
>>> on the default primary storage i'm guessing, cloning will be just a copy
>>> of a vmdk file on the same primary datastore!
>>> thanks
>>> --
>>> regards,
>>> punith s
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> *Mike Tutkowski*
> *Senior CloudStack Developer, SolidFire Inc.*
> e:
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> Advancing the way the world uses the cloud
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punith s

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