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From Steve Wilson <>
Subject Re: CloudPlatform 4.5 released?
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2015 08:21:39 GMT
I¹m not sure what bearing Redhat has on this discussion, but you are
correct in noting the Citrix did release CloudPlatform 4.5 today ‹ and it
is largely based on ACS 4.5 code.  Collectively, Citrix engineers continue
to contribute the lion¹s share of ACS code and we carefully follow all
rules established by the community.

That being said, today was the start of our Citrix Summit event.  It is
the Sales Kick Off and and Partner gathering for Citrix to start 2015.  It
was a great opportunity to publicize what we¹re doing with CloudPlatform
(and thus ACS by extension) and we chose today as our launch date.  The
reception by our sales personnel and channel partners at the show has been
very positive so far.  We expect good reaction from customers as well as
we believe this is our highest quality release to date.

Thanks for your interest.


Steve Wilson
VP & Product Unit Manager
Cloud Software

On 1/13/15, 3:14 PM, "Nux!" <> wrote:

>I am slightly confused. I thought Cloudstack was Citrix' "Fedora", not
>the other way around.
>Should we care at all what Citrix does? Seems like they launched a 4.5
>ignoring the benefit of squishing bugs we may possibly uncover during RC
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