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From Jeff Hair <>
Subject Database locking code
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2015 10:32:53 GMT
I have some code I've added to CloudStack that I am currently
synchronizing on in the traditional manner (synchronized block,
ExecutorService, etc). I'm currently running a single instance of
CloudStack so I don't have to deal with clustering.

I've read the Data Access Layer documentation and am wondering if the
database locks are the actual appropriate solution rather than what
I'm doing.

Basically my issue is that I need to lock access to an IP address
reserved to the account and perform some long operations on it. I also
need to guarantee that no other IPs on the account are manipulated
while performing this task. Synchronization accomplishes this because
I can force the IP operations through an ExecutorService, but I'm
really looking for a better solution that will also work with
clustered management servers.



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