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From Roger Crerie <>
Subject eclipse build problems
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2015 21:46:43 GMT
Hello all,
                I am a new developer to the cloudstack source base and have been trying to
get my development environment setup.  I primarily use Eclipse as my IDE of choice but while
I have been close at getting eclipse to compile cloudstack without error I am still seeing
757 errors to date.  Here are a sample of some of the problems I am seeing.
Description         Resource             Path       Location               Type
Activate cannot be resolved to a type        /cloud-plugin-network-vcs/src/com/cloud/network/brocade
   line 134 Java Problem

The issue stems from the fact tha

import* cannot be found.

All of the class imports in this package are missing and it is because there isn't a
in my .m2 repository or anywhere else I can thing to look.

import com.vmware.vim25.AlreadyExistsFaultMsg;

Again this particular class could not be found.  I have run the mvn install:install-file command
for the vim25_51.jar file I got from the How to build Cloudstack website (
and while that cleaned up a lot of the vim25 importing errors there are still several cases
of classes that cannot be found such as the AlreadyExistsFaultMsg class.

In addition there are several errors saying the VirtualDeviceConfigSpecOperation.ADD field
cannot be resolved.

My thoughts on both these errors is that the jar library I got from the website above is stale
and a newer jar is out there to be found?

These are a couple of basic problems I have found in trying to build in the eclipse IDE. 
Again I am new to developing for cloudstack so any pointers that could be offered would be
appreciated.  Thanks

Roger Crerie

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