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From Prachi Damle <>
Subject RE: [QUESTION] Integration Port
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2015 20:30:02 GMT
Hey Mike,

I am not aware if anything has changed w.r.t listAll recently. But just mentioning that with
port 8096, CS assumes that the caller is the System user (ACCOUNT_TYPE_ADMIN)
So listVolumes without listAll = true will list only the Volumes owned by the System account,
which will be an empty set most likely. 
When listAll is null, the value is false by default.

When you specify  listAll = true, volumes of other users will be listed.

Did your System user own any volumes? Only then your tests would have got back some volumes


From: Stephen Turner
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2015 10:59 AM
Cc: Vania Xu; Min Chen; Prachi Damle
Subject: RE: [QUESTION] Integration Port

Min or Prachi might have some information on this.

Stephen Turner

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From: Mike Tutkowski []
Sent: 08 January 2015 18:54
Cc: Vania Xu
Subject: [QUESTION] Integration Port


I noticed with 4.6 that if I run this command that I get back no volumes:

This seemed odd (since I have user-facing volumes) and I tracked it down to one parameter:


It appears when using the integration port that listAll is null by default, which (in this
case) is interpreted the same as false.

That being the case, to retrieve volumes via the integration port, I had to run the following

This seems like it might be a recent change. Does anyone know if this is on purpose? The problem
is that my tests in Marvin fail now because no volumes come back when they're expected.


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