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From "Matthew Midgett" <>
Subject RE: Vlan issue with ACS 4.4 and XenServer 6.2
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2015 03:11:53 GMT
It is there because I can disable the zone, delete the VM and network. Use XenCenter to add
a vlan of 501. Manually install 2 VM's on different hypervisors and ping both VM and the GW
that on the router. This config tells me that 501 is configured correctly. The switch ports
for the vlan 501 network are trunked. When ACS creates the vlan 501 from the network config
it doesn’t work correctly. When the VM and VR are on the same host it works just fine. When
there not the Vlan isn 't working. It's strange. I can ping the GW from both VM's but can't
ping the VM on the other hypervisor or the VR. If I migrate all the VM's and VR to the same
hypervisor it works as expected.

The vlan 501 on the router holds the GW address so if it wan't there I would 't be able to
ping it.

I have tried everything from new networking services to vlan's trunking and not trunking and
just switchport with vlan. It doen't want to work.

The vlan500 how ever is the console router and SSVM. I think that it works as expected but
I havn't ssh into them to try. They are doing their job and I can have an public ip console
and ssvm is downloading templates and moving VM templates from Sec storage to primary.

Any more ideas?

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From: Ahmad Emneina [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2015 9:11 PM
Subject: Re: Vlan issue with ACS 4.4 and XenServer 6.2

Hey Matt, it sounds like you have a vlan trunking issue. Check the switch port configuration
for the port(s) yout hypervisors are connected to, ensure that vlan is present.

On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 5:43 PM, Matthew Midgett <>

> In my test deployment I have 2 hypervisors with XenServer 6.2 
> installed. I am creating a private network with public Ips, so that 
> the VR is only used to hand out IPs and meta data. The vlan is 501, 
> and it has a range of What happens is that when I 
> create new VM's and they spawn on the server with the VR cloud-init 
> works and it gets the password and the server is good. When is spawns 
> on the other hypervisor it can't connect to the VR and because of this 
> it doesn't get its meta data. What I do is quickly move the VR to the 
> other hypervisor, this allows it to get the meta data so I can login. 
> Once this is done I can login and ping the gateway for vlan 501 but 
> can't ping the other VM or the VR if it's not on the same hypervisor. 
> I know my trunks and vlans are correct and the interfaces that's being 
> assigned. To test this I shutdown the zone and deleted the network.
> Then I removed Vlan501 from the XenServer's and created it manually on 
> the exact same nic as it was before. Then I added a ISO repo and 
> manually installed 2 vms manually assigning the public ip's. It works 
> as expected, I can ping the gateway and the other VM on the other 
> hypervisor. This was to prove my vlan config.
> What do I do?

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