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From John Kinsella <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] we need a better SSVM solution
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2015 18:05:32 GMT

Concur on having an open/standardized protocol. Something clustered like Serf/Consul could
be attractive, but the overhead/requirements of those type of things usually scares me away.

Having ACS act as a CA would be quite interesting for some things. It’s one of the reasons
I’ve pondered a “hook” in the past to notify 3rd party upon VM creation/deletion/etc.
Wonder if we could take advantage of dogtag or similar. All that said - setup/management of
a CA is a PIA and probably outside scope of ACS, unless you did a “light” one similar
to Puppet by default...

An aside on that “hook” idea - something scriptable similar to (I said “similar to,"
no flames!) systemd for this could be interesting.

A good portion of users would resist having an agent installed on the user VM, but I guess
we’re in that position already, and they just wouldn’t get the added functionality.

One user experience point: Almost every time Parallels comes out with a new version, I have
to update their agent on my VMs, which on the Windows side means a reboot. That gets old,
and I’ve only got a handful of win VMs there...

Going to see if I can puppet-ize one of the SSVMs over the weekend to see what other thoughts
come up.


> On Jan 29, 2015, at 2:06 AM, Rohit Yadav <> wrote:
> Good ideas John.
> I’m in fact already discussing a design I’m calling it "agents framework” (suggestions
for better name are welcome!), I will try to share and update the spec soon that aims for
this feature and refactoring work for ACS 4.6/master. For now, I’ve shared an architecture
diagram here and some high level goals:
> Along with this, I’ve strong opinions and interests in just getting rid of Java based
agents in systemvms (to reduce memory footprint) and replace the current agent-management
server protocol (TCP based, which connects to only one management server on prt 8250 even
if there are multiple management servers) with some interoperable protocol such as json/http,
thrift etc that allows us to build better/scalable console proxy services (for example). People
don’t discuss much, but virtual routers and systemvms are not well tested at all, we should
also need efforts/infra to test these components with less human QA.
> Regards.
>> On 29-Jan-2015, at 2:14 am, John Kinsella <> wrote:
>> Every time there’s an issue (security or otherwise) with the system VM ISOs, it’s
a relative pain to fix. They’re sort of a closed system, people know little (relative to
other ACS parts, IMHO) about their innards, and updating them is more difficult than it should
>> I’d love to see a Better Way. I think these things could be dynamically built,
with the option to have them connect to a configuration management (CM) system such as Puppet,
Chef, Salt-Stack or whatever else floats people’s boat.
>> One possible use case:
>> * User installs new ACS system.
>> * User logs into mgmt server, goes to Templates area, clicks button to fetch default
SSVM image. UI allows providing alternative URL, other options as needed.
>> * (time passes)
>> * Security issue is announced. User goes back into Templates area, selects SSVM template,
clicks “Download updated template” and it does. Under infrastructure/system VMs and infrastrucutre/virtual
routers, there’s buttons to update one or more running instances to use the new template
>> Another possible use case:
>> * User installs new ACS system
>> * User uploads SSVM template that has CM agent configured to talk to their CM server
(I’ve been wanting to lab this for a while now)
>> * As ACS creates system VMs, they phone home to CM server, it provides them with
instructions to install various packages and config as needed to be domr/console proxy/whatever.
We provide basic “recipes” for CM systems for people to use and grow from.
>> * Security issue is announced. User updates recipe in CM system, a few minutes later
the SSVMs are up-to-date.
>> Modification on that use case: We ship the SSVM with puppet/chef/blah installed,
part of the SSVM “patch” process configures appropriate CM system.
>> What might make the second use case easier would be to have some hooks in ACS that
when a system is created/destroyed/modified, it informs 3rd party via API.
>> (Obviously API calls for all of the above to allow process without touching the UI)
>> Thoughts?
>> John
> Regards,
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