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From David Bierce <>
Subject Console Proxy Change
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2015 02:25:06 GMT
Ello --

I’ve been looking into different ways to use the console proxy and kind of wanted to get
other people input before diving in.  Talking with other cloudstack users, they scrap cloudstack
logs and VNC directly to the hypervisor.

The major change I was looking at would be to add to the console, or at least somewhere console
cloud link to, a web client like NoVNC or guacamole.  Then modify the console proxy to, instead
of display the VNC console, create a∂ Websocket for the console client to use.

The approach would be similar to how OpenStack does console access.  Their novnc-proxy demon
could even be a mostly drop in enchantment with some advanced serial console features, but
the agent could also be extended to handle the authentication and proxy/websockifying.

Is this a horrible, awful idea?

David Bierce
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