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From Nux! <>
Subject Xenserver vs GPT vs extlinux
Date Sun, 14 Dec 2014 13:44:38 GMT
Hi guys,

I'm struggling booting a linux GPT+extlinux image as PV guest.
Could anyone more experienced with Xenserver tell me if either GPT or extlinux is a problem
for PV mode? Or where exactly does pvgrub expect to find a kernel and conf?

Re logs, this is what I see in the management logs:

           nameLabel: Async.VM.start_on
   allowedOperations: []
   currentOperations: {}
             created: Sun Dec 14 13:01:36 GMT 2014
            finished: Sun Dec 14 13:01:41 GMT 2014
              status: failure
          residentOn: com.xensource.xenapi.Host@f61f9e24
            progress: 1.0
                type: <none/>
           errorInfo: [BOOTLOADER_FAILED, OpaqueRef:a721c632-53a4-08af-81a1-262bfc3abf31,
Unable to find partition containing kernel


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