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From Min Chen <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Major business logic refactoring: Move from Account to UserAccount
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2014 18:19:48 GMT

	I think that the historic reason for this is that CloudStack is only
doing IAM access permission check on account level, user is only login
authentication purpose. That is why we will see that all our CloudStack
resource owner field is an account, since that is the only information
used for controlling whether you have some permissions to the resource.

On 11/14/14 12:53 AM, "Rohit Yadav" <> wrote:

>All CloudStack DB entities (VM, storage, network etc.) have an owner
>field which is mostly the account. An account can have multiple users so
>just by looking at the resource (say VM) it¹s not possible to make out
>which user in the account (owner or account_id field in the db row of the
>entity) created it. CloudStack users may want to know this information
>for at least entities such as VMs and Volumes.
>Historically, why is the account owner of an entity and not a user? If
>user were the owner, we could easily get the account Id using the user Id.
>One solution to fix this problem is to refactor and replace Account
>(interface) usage with UserAccount (interface) usage, fix the DAO and
>resource layer, and add columns in the schema. This gets us all the
>information we need to determine domainId, AccountId and Id (the user
>ID). Should we do it for all entities or just keep status quo (use
>account as owners), or just fix it on-demand basis for specific entities
>such as for user VMs [1].
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