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From Daan Hoogland <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Should we keep tags on release branches?
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2014 18:43:36 GMT
On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 5:51 PM, Rohit Yadav <> wrote:
> Hi,
>> On 12-Nov-2014, at 10:10 pm, Daan Hoogland <> wrote:
>> I see your issue, Rohit but I would not like reverting to our old ways
>> with reverts for release 'attempts'. This method keeps a cleaner
>> history in perspective of code commits as voted off release candidates
>> can be thrown away. I am not sure what wisdom is but given the choice
>> I want to keep with the new process.
> What’s the use of keeping voted off RCs? Are somehow the release candidates which did
not pass votes useful?
I don't want to keep them, why do you think I do?

> If you want to keep RCs, I propose that all voting cadidates (or RCs) start with a -rc
tag. For example, 4.5.0-rc1 etc. This way you can keep RC tagged and look it up in future.
A lot of projects do it this way.
I use the timestamp format for this but in branch format. These
branches can be thrown away when voted away. I think this is less of a
pollution then the old way.

old way:
a->a-revert->some improvements->b->b-revert->some improvements->c >>
next version

new way
a->some improvements->b->some improvements->c
a branch abandoned, b branch abandonned

I am not sure if you are misunderstanding the new way of working or I
am misunderstanding your objections to it.

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