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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: CloudStack Job offering @exoscale
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2014 09:16:32 GMT
I don't mind seeing job offers from "good guy" companies like Exoscale who are active in the
community and contribute back, especially at this moment in time when this kind of thing is
a rarity so to say. 

If the volume of postings increases it will become annoying and linkedin or some other places
may be better suited, but that'd still be a nice problem to have.

A very good sign indeed, as Giles say! And also quite interesting to see such interest for
ACS in Europe.

Let's not forget Wido is also looking for Cloudstack people at PCExtreme.

Seems like a good time to be an ACS developer! 

It's time to learn Java! :-)

My 2 pence,


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> From: "Giles Sirett" <>
> To:
> Sent: Thursday, 27 November, 2014 08:46:07
> Subject: RE: CloudStack Job offering @exoscale

> But being such a small community right now, I think its great to see Exoscale
> creating developer roles around Cloudstack and agree, right now, that this is
> the most sensible place to post them  - really good news Antoine.
> At the same time its worth mentioning that ShapeBlue have a number of Cloudstack
> dev & Engineering positions open
> And, yes, Interoute are also hiring Cloudstack people
> As the jobs market around Cloudstack is clearly developing (what a fantastic
> sign),  long-term, nobody wants to see our dev list getting spammed by
> recruiters, etc - but I also do think it is useful for people in our community
> to see that, if they want, they can develop their careers around ACS
> May I suggest that we encourage people going forward to use the various
> Cloudstack linkedin groups for these sort of subjects - that would keep these
> out of the dev list
> Thoughts ?
> Kind Regards
> Giles
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> From: sebgoa []
> Sent: 27 November 2014 07:58
> To:
> Subject: Fwd: CloudStack Job offering @exoscale
> I think this is legitimate on dev@
> Note that there are also jobs available at interoute.
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: "Coetsier, Antoine" <>
>> Subject: CloudStack Job offering @exoscale
>> Date: November 26, 2014 5:20:57 PM GMT+01:00
>> To: "" <>
>> Reply-To:
>> Hello All,
>> We are looking for a developer that already has some knowledge of CloudStack to
>> join our team at Exoscale. Trendy topics about network functions/distributed LB
>> in CS for this full time job.
>> This is based in Switzerland of course. The job description is here:
>> Get in touch with us at: hr -AT-
>> Thank you,
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