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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Re: CloudStack Mirrors
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2014 11:05:48 GMT

We think one issue with current CloudStack repositories and hosting locations are that they
are not very informative about what tag/commit was used to build the deb/rpms, systemvmtemplate
etc and if they are oss or non-oss/noredist or if they were patched or built out of official
CloudStack releases, and they may not host all the artifacts (templates, debs, rpms) since

ShapeBlue has a product patching service for their customers so we invested some time in last
few weeks to build the infrastructure to solve these issues. To host this publicly for everyone
(and yes including the patch repositories, since we try to do most of our work upstream and
share our branches publicly, we’re working on having
a dedicated site/page that holds release notes and relevant information of all the things
that we’ll host. The infrastructure is reliable and pretty fast, soon we’ll be able to
add more nodes in other geographic locations and make it public.

On 14-Oct-2014, at 3:43 pm, Leo Simons <> wrote:
> On Oct 14, 2014, at 10:44 AM, Erik Weber <> wrote:
>> I'm not familiar with Apache policies in this regard, but is there any way
>> we could establish a set of official / supported mirrors that all answer on
>> the same DNS address?
>> I.e. so that we only have to document one url
> Typically the mirroring people use 302 redirects rather than DNS magic.
> Basically, to do it right, I think we should choose one route of
> 1. use existing apache mirror infrastructure
> * discuss with infrastructure@ the sanity of hosting systemvms on the existing mirrors,
if ok, @see
> * release systemvms as actual/official apache artifacts
> * create a custom version of dyn.cgi/download.cgi if/as needed
> * update scripts to point at that CGI, i.e.
> 2. use existing sourceforge mirror infrastructure
> * release systemvms as semi-official binaries built from apache source
> * create a project on sourceforge
> * use the sourceforge mirror infrastructure
> * example of apache project doing this
> * update scripts to point at that magic, i.e.
>  curl -o systemvm-4.4.1.xen.bz2 -L
> * tell infrastructure@ we are doing this just so they’re aware of the need and how
we addressed it
> The problem with using the apache mirrors is that traditionally apache promises to keep
the total repo somewhat size-limited. Lot of sites mirror apache (and fsf) because its 50GB
or so, as opposed to the 100s of GBs you need to be a source forge or linux mirror.
> The OpenOffice approach is interesting because before becoming an apache project they
had huge mirror infrastructure (built with mirrorbrain), some of which actually migrated to
apache hardware IIRC with quite a bit of invested effort, but now it seems they abandoned
that, and are just using sourceforge. So I suggest learning their lessons and doing the same.
> All the people around the world providing mirroring for open source projects will probably
appreciate not having another thing to configure :)
> cheers,
> Leo

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