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From Amogh Vasekar <>
Subject Re: console proxy HTTPS in 4.3.1, static option, clarification please
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2014 16:58:58 GMT

No, option (3) is not fully supported yet since it needs integration with
a load balancer for all console proxy VM ips. Please see the note at


On 9/22/14 4:47 AM, "France" <> wrote:

>because i get confusing information on the internet, i would like to ask
>here for clarification.
>There are three options for
>configure setting.
>1. Disable it with empty string.
>Not really an option, because iframe to http from https, is silently
>blocked by browsers now-days. If there would be a link to click instead
>of iframe it could work and i would be done with it.
>2. *
>Wildcard option. Requires to run own DNS server and buying of expensive
>certificates. Not really an option, due to too high costs of wildcard and
>setting up of another unnecessary service.
>Static option which would allow us to use a single FQDN certificate. This
>is acceptable for us, but upon testing with 4.3.1 (restart of ACS,
>destruction of console proxy SVM) did not link to
>Before i loose any more time with thir doption. Does it work with 3.4.1?
>According to documentation for 4.3 on:
>Working with System Virtual Machines
>Console Proxy
>Load-balancing Console Proxies
>An alternative to using dynamic DNS or creating a range of DNS entries as
>described in the last section would be to create a SSL certificate for a
>specific domain name, configure CloudStack to use that particular FQDN,
>and then configure a load balancer to load balance the console proxy┬╣s IP
>address behind the FQDN. As the functionality for this is still new,
>ges for more details.

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