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From Sebastien Goasguen <>
Subject Test VM life Cycle
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2014 07:22:45 GMT
Hi Sailaja,

Looks like you just committed this:;a=commit;h=aa4fea231db714f369f0ec5203a9407c98152984

To fix the test_vm_life_cycle test, that's great but I don't think it works.

With Travis now running the tests for every commit we see that one set of tests is still red:

And indeed it seems to be this vm life cycle test that is failing.

Ideally, you could fork cloudstack on github, make the commit, travis would run the tests
on your own fork and once it's "green" you can push to master.

Could you have another look at it ?


PS: there might still be issues with the config on travis but from my experience yesterday
on 4.3, if it fails on travis, it's also failing locally.

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