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From Daan Hoogland <>
Subject [DISCUSS] reviewer process guide amended
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2014 11:09:50 GMT

please look at the following
Fixing things for folks

In short, please don't. If non-committers have a patch 95% of the way
- comment and tell them what is necessary to make the patch
acceptable. Let them fix their own patch and resubmit. Yes you can
probably fix things more quickly, but it's important for community
growth (both in number and experience) that folks do this themselves.
from the wiki. I think this is not good enough to guarantee quality
and growth for our community. It is mentioned under a chapter called
'Words of wisdom'.

I think we will not invite people to become part of our community if
we tell them how to do their work. We should help them, yes but in a
more constructive way. You can suggest a piece of code if you see
something you don't like or even supply them with an altered patch as
a proposal to change their review request.

If we follow the above literally I think we drive people away. I have
seen this happen to colleagues but also to others that were trying to
substantially contribute. Our way of working hinders us in the sense
of attracting good development power and an important objective of
this project should be to have more contributors of (good) code.


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